Stake is the tool that gives USTX owners the option to get extra rewards by staking their own USTX and get rewarded with an APR based on the plan the user choose.

Stake specs:

  • Interface: web app accessible via browser (pc, mac, mobile)
  • Wallet: Tronlink, Math and Klever
  • Deposit token: USTX
  • Rewards token: USTX
  • Deposit lock: 1 flexible staking plan and 4 locked periods (3-6-9-12 months)
  • Rewards lock: 3-6-9-12 months depending on the invested plan. Unstaking before the end of each period will result in loosing all the pending rewards and the staked amount will be taxed
  • Rewards compounding: yes, manual compounding available only for the Flexible plan
  • Fees: app requires energy (or, if not enough, TRX) just to deposite USTX in stake. Any other operation on the platform is free, and the needed energy is provided by the Team
  • APR: from 2% (flexible plan) up to 12% (12 Months) depending on the chosen plan
  • Deposit limit: on the 12 months plan there is a limit of - USTX on how much a single user can deposit and an overall - USTX limit deposited, all other options are not capped

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